A South Sauble Tradition since the 1930’s

The Sauble Trading Post, General Store and Ice Cream Parlour is a small entrepreneurial business in Sauble Beach. The Sauble Trading Post is an historic, old fashion general store and ice cream parlour, which has continuously served residents of South Sauble community and members of the travelling public since 1934.

An article published in 1961 Owen Sound Sun Times, dated August 28, 1961 states, “A store like this is the heart and nerve centre of a summer community. Not only does it supply an amazing variety of merchandise to the beach residents of all ages, but it is also the “village square” where folks congregate for brief chats with their community neighbours”.

The business is entering its 18th year of operation under the current management team, and we strive to maintain the old fashion customer service that has contributed to 80 years of business.

The Sauble Trading Post - Ice Cream Parlour and General Store is located at 22nd Street South between 2nd Avenue South and the beach. Kevin and Kim will be open daily from 8:00AM - 10:00 PM. The store serves a little bit of everything including: propane refilling station, coffee and newspapers, groceries, snacks, ice, movies, beach toys, firewood, fireworks, and of course ICE CREAM!


Kevin and Kim have a real connection to the heritage of the Sauble Trading Post. When they purchased the store, Kim’s grandfather was keen to share the property's history. The general store was built in 1934 by a man named Mr. Roberts. Roberts had two daughters who helped him run the store. In 2002, Mrs. Ethel White, one of the daughters of the original owner, came with her grandfather to meet the new owner! Ethel White was in her mid-eighties when she visited. She presented Kevin and Kim with a photograph taken in front of the South Sauble Store in the early days (circa-1937).

Both Kevin and Kim have deep roots in the area. Kevin Walker grew up on a beef farm on Spring Creek Road, Hepworth and worked for 14 years as the Grocery Manager at Kirkland's Valumart. Kim Mizen grew up on a farm near Chesley Lake. Coincidently, Mrs. Ethel White was also the original owner of the Mizen home farm (Kim's grandfather Charles), hence the connection to the store.

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